What is Para Athletics

Para athletics is the largest competition at the Paralympic Games. Events are available for athletes with physical Impairments, both seated and standing, athletes with vision impairments, as well as athletes with an intellectual impairment. Contested events include:

  • Track events: Sprint (100m, 200m, 400m), Middle Distance (800m, 1500m), Long Distance (5,000m, 10,000m), and Relay races (4x100m)
  • Road event: Marathon
  • Jumping events: High Jump, Long Jump, and Triple Jump
  • Throwing events: Discus, Shot Put, Club Throw and Javelin

The rules of Paralympic track and field are almost identical to those of its Olympic counterparts with some allowances to accommodate certain impairments (for example, blind and visually-impaired runners may compete with guide runners attached to them by a tether at the wrist). Accommodations are specific to the event and impairment type.


How to Become Involved

Athletics NS has embraced the integration of para-athletics into the sport of track and field in Nova Scotia.  

We are always looking for interested/talented individuals to try our sport.  We offer try it programs, coaching, training and competitive opportunities for all. To learn more about classifications in the sport, please see below. To be classified, please contact visit the AC website here. 



Are you and your club ready to welcome and support athletes with a disability? Where do you fit on the Para Readiness Continuum? What does this all really mean? 

Using the “Becoming Para Ready” framework developed by the Steadward Centre for Personal & Physical Achievement, Athletics Canada is developing a national Para Athletics strategy that will focus on building a strong foundation at the Provincial and Territorial level, creating greater capacity, supporting and aligning Para Athletics, and will include integration and inclusion at all levels. 

You can view and download the Becoming Para Ready guide here:


10P's of Becoming Para Ready

Want to get started on your journey to Para Readiness? Here are a few ways to get out of the starting blocks:

  1. Take the Coach.ca 

    Coaching Athletes with a Disability module 

  2. Listen to the recording of our webinar 

    Adapting to Adversity  

  3. Watch this YouTube video on Para Athletics: 


  4. Contact our office at athletics@sportnovascotia.ca for more assistance

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