Now Accepting NEW Board Members

Athletics NS is recruiting FOUR new members for our board of directors.  Each term is 2 years and is renewable after 2 years.

The board meets (virtually) 4 times per year with occasionally special meetings and committee work requirements.

We are searching for our next Treasurer, Athlete Rep (Field), High Performance Director and Member at Large.

If you are and engaged and enthusiastic leader with proven interest/experience in athletes and their  development, leadership, project management, financial management, marketing, fundraising or sponsorship we would love to hear from you.  

Submit your intent to Anitra Stevens, Executive Director by November 30, 2022 at

Role Descriptions:

Treasurer - The duties of the Treasurer shall include the following:

  • Oversee the financial operation of the Association
  • Ensure the financial policies of the Association are being adhered to.
  • Shall be a signing officer of the Association
  • Present a financial update at each Board meeting to ensure all Board members are informed of the current financial status of ANS.
  • In partnership with the Chairman, oversee the ED’s preparation of the annual budget
  • Work with staff to prepare and present an Annual Financial report for the AGM
  • Ensure a financial review is conducted each year

Athlete** Representative (Field) - The duties of the Athlete Representatives shall include the following:

  • Represent the views of ANS athletes
  • Communicate and engage athletes throughout ANS and report information to the Board of Directors
  • Be in good standing with a registered ANS club
  • Take on responsibilities as defined by the Board of Directors
  • Assist the Manager of Coaching with developing the Elite Athlete Program and with setting standards for elite performances.
  • Be a member of all team selection committees

**Must be a current registered athlete

High Performance Director - The duties of the Director of High Performance shall include the following:

  • Work directly with Technical Director on matters of high performance
  • Report on high performance to the Board of Directors
  • Assist with the creation, delivery and evaluation of the NS Performance Pathway Initiative and Event Group Coaches initiative

Member at Large - The duties of the Member at Large will include the following:

  • Take on responsibilities as defined by the Board.
  • Promote Athletics on a province wide basis and accept roles in relation to their expertise and interest.
  • Remain informed of the financial status of the Association.
  • Assist in policy development, and shall initiate new thought/direction.