Athletics NS Seeking Sprints Event Group Coach

ANS is a non-profit amateur sport governing body affiliated with Athletics Canada, and a member organization of Sport Nova Scotia. The purpose of the Association is to develop, coordinate and promote track & field, road running and cross country running in Nova Scotia as outlined in the constitution.

Nature and Scope

Reporting to the Technical Director, the event group technical experts will take on the management of the identified High Performance Athletes pool within their respective event group.  They will give operational and planning support to athletes and personal coaches to enhance the performance outcomes of Athletics Nova Scotia.   

We are seeking a Sprints Event Group Coach for a term of April 2022 to March 2023 - with option for renewal.

The Event Group Coach will be compensated with a sum of $5000/year.   

Applications will be accepted from Coaches who are Club Coach Certified (and working towards Performance Coach trained ) or Performance Coach trained.  

Key Areas of Responsibilities

Based on the strategies listed above, the Event Group Technical Expert will be responsible for the following areas within their event group:

Talent Identification and Needs Assessment

  • Identify target group on an annual basis based on Athletics Nova Scotia High Performance Standards.
  • Identification and communication with athletes who are competing at the district, regional, provincial school meets, RBC Training Ground, and other sports regarding opportunities within the sport of Athletics.
  • Conduct an analysis of current identified athlete training environment. Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement of the current daily training environment. Assist in implementation of improvements/solutions to enhance the daily training environment.
  • Conduct an analysis of needs of current coaches within the event group to provide support and development opportunities.
  • Communicate with identified athletes and their coaches and assist with identified areas of need in support of personal coaches and their annual planning process.

Athlete and Coach Support and Development

  • Coordinate quarterly event group development and information sessions with identified athletes and personal coaches.
  • Organize event group training sessions at a minimum of one session per month.
  • Coordinate with staff at CSCA to use IST services with identified groups at a minimum of once per month. This can include direct use of support personnel or group information/development sessions.
  • Provide mentorship/development opportunities for personal coaches. This can take place both informally during training times as well as formal education sessions.
  • Facilitate athlete entries, travel, accommodations for key indoor and outdoor events with personal coaches and appointed team coaches, if applicable.
  • Complete provided progress report templates and submit to Technical Director for review on a quarterly basis.


  • Greater athlete engagement of identified athletes in the High Performance process
  • Greater coach engagement in the High Performance process
  • Enhanced monitoring of identified athletes
  • Enhanced daily training environment through supplemental training and guidance
  • Greater support for High Performance Athletics, currently served by volunteer coaches
  • Enhanced access to appropriate competitive opportunities  

Please email your coaching resume and NCCP transcript to by April 19, 2022.