Our High Performance Vision

To develop a high performance training environment for athletes and coaches so that Nova Scotia becomes a leader in age-class national medals that routinely places athletes on national teams.

Nova Scotia High Performance Team Overview

Team Nova Scotia has a long history of being a strong presence at both the Legion U16/U18 National Championships and the Canada Summer Games, routinely finishing as one of the top five provinces/territories in the medal count. The goal of the new Nova Scotia High Performance Team (NSHPT) program is to provide development opportunities for able-bodied athletes, para athletes, and coaches that puts them on the Development Pathway to compete at the National level, and be named to future Development and Major Games National Teams. 

The NSHPT program will provide support to Nova Scotia’s top athletes by providing high performance training environments, access to the Provincial lead coaches, training camps, funding for competitive opportunities, integration of IST service in collaboration with the Canadian Sport Institute-Atlantic, and professional development opportunities for personal coaches. 

Athletes selected to the program will sign an agreement to participate in all activities associated with the program in order to remain eligible. This will include the submission of a yearly training plan, and check-ins with the lead coach for their respective event group. Athletes will be selected into the program for one year, with the ability to be re-selected in subsequent years. Athletics Nova Scotia will review the performance of athletes selected to the program periodically and reserve the right to add or remove athletes from the program based on performance and adherence to the athlete agreement. 

Athletes competing in the NCAA or universities outside of Nova Scotia will be eligible for the NSHPT program, with the understanding that they may not be available for team activities between the months of September-June. These athletes will still be responsible for providing updates and check-ins with the lead coach of their event group during the season, and will be expected to provide full participation for the months that they are residing in Nova Scotia. 

The aim of the NSHPT program is to provide Nova Scotia’s top performing athletes with the support necessary to compete at the National level, and eventually achieve the goal of being named to an Athletics Canada National Team. 

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Event Group Coaches

Athletics NS has 4 Lead Coaches who are funded through the Nova Scotia Performance Pathway Initiative. Our Event Lead Coaches are tasked with providing resources to the top athletes in our province with the goal of supporting these athletes and personal coaches as they reach for success at the national level. Some of the resources provided would include: Individual athletes support, group development sessions and coach support. For more information, please see below for Event Group coach contact information.

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Peter Lord

Phillip Hadley

Jodi Langley