Through Athletics Nova Scotia, we can support your club development in a number of ways. Those include:

Club Programming

  • Club Philosophy and Values
  • Coach Training
  • Safe Sport
  • Club Safety
  • Long Term Athlete Development

Club Management

  • Club Organizational Chart
  • Coaching structure and Management
  • Coach’s roles, Responsibilities and Job Descriptions
  • Athlete Structure and management
  • Club Registration
  • Volunteer Structure and Management
  • Volunteer roles, Responsibilities and Job Descriptions
  • Coach and Volunteer Recruitment
  • Coach and Volunteer Onboarding
  • Coach and Volunteer Recognition
  • Record Keeping
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Financial


  • Board of Directors
  • Bylaws/Registry of Joint Stocks
  • Insurance
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Financial

Club Development Initiative

The Athletics NS Club Development Initiative started after our most recent club visits in the winter of 2020. Athletics NS met with all clubs in the province with the goal of touching on 4 areas:

  • Where are you at/How are you doing?
  • Where do you want to be at in 1 year, 3 year etc
  • What do you need to accomplish your goals and vision for your club?
  • How can Athletics NS help you achieve your goals?

Through this process, it was identified that most clubs are missing some of the key elements to move forward, grow their club, grow Athletics and develop athletes. While each club is unique in its structure and situation, all have many areas to be improved to create not only growth but sustainability within their clubs. This is a threat to the sport and Athletics NS and we rely on the strength on our clubs as they are the primary drivers of Athletics.

Previous attempts to support our clubs have not been as successful as they could have been for various reasons. This project was put together with the intention to provide some valuable incentives to our clubs to encourage engagement in the process. The key steps in this process are outlined below.

man performing sport


  • Clubs are notified of this initiative and the support Athletics NS is providing to clubs.
  • Clubs are given and encouraged to complete the Club Development self-evaluation chart below.
  • In addition to Self-Evaluation Chart, there will be a supplementary document, which much more detail on each of the areas within the chart, in order to help clubs move through the stages of the chart.
  • Clubs who are engaged in the process complete the evaluation and meet with Athletics NS to through their self-evaluation. No documentation is required, just a conversation where they tell us why they scored themselves in each category.
  • Clubs who wish to continue with the process will begin to move their club forward by moving from Red-Yellow-Green on the Club Development Chart. Clubs will have a 6 month check-in with Athletics NS and have a 12 month timeline to qualify for additional incentives.
  • Clubs who qualify for incentives will meet with Athletics NS to go through the changes the club has made and where they feel they now are in terms of the club development chart. This will be a more in-depth review than the original self-evaluation.