Indoor and Outdoor Records

APPLYING for a Nova Scotia Record

  1. Identify the performance.
  2. Mail the nomination form to the Athletics Nova Scotia office or email ([email protected]) with the following information:
    a. official copy of the result or active and current official webpage with official results
    b. name of athlete(s),
    c. athlete(s)’s date of birth including year of birth (a birth certificate will also be required if it is not already on file at the ANS office),
    d. meet name and location,
    e. date of performance,
    f. performance,
    g. event,
    h. and if applicable; wind information, hurdle heights, implement weights.
    i. Nominators contact information.
  3. The nominator will be notified when the nomination is received.
  4. The record will be considered “pending” for 30 days.
  5. If the record meets all criteria the record will be ratified after 30 days and a certificate will be mailed to the record holder and notification will be sent to the nominator.

To view detailed policies and procedures on applying for a record, please see Policies and Procedures document.