Athletics Nova Scotia wishes to have a fair, consistent and reasonable policy in place to deal with the issues of discipline and harassment. It is hoped that you will review these documents and provide feedback to Athletics Nova Scotia regarding the content, clarity and effectiveness of these documents.


  • The Code of Conduct describes the expected standard of behaviour during athletic events and practices and when representing the association and the province. This policy applies to athletes, coaches, officials and administrators.
  • The Disciplinary Policy describes the procedure to be followed should the Code of Conduct be breached and disciplinary action sought.  The Incident Report Form is found below.
  • The Appeals Process describes the procedure through which an individual facing discipline through Athletics Nova Scotia may appeal the decision.
  • The Transfer Policy describes the procedures through which an individual must take to change clubs during the current year. 
  • The Spectating Policy is put in place to ensure safe and enjoyable meets for all.
  • The Social Media Policy and Guidelines are set in place to guide our online presence.
  • The Schedule Change Policy, put in place for all sanctioned events, will ensure a positive competition environment for all.
  • The Abuse and Harrasment Policy (from Athletics Canada) outlines the policies and procedues in dealing with harassment. .
  • The Concussion Policy is in place to ensure ongoing safety in our sport.
  • The Conflict of Interest of Policy ensures all staff and volunteers act without conflict in our Association.
  • The Privacy Policy outlines how we protect the informaion of our members and supporters.
  • The Equity and Access Policy ensures we provide opportunities and access to all.  
  • The Safe Sport Policy sets the standards to ensure a safe sporting environmant for all members and supporters.
  • Athletics Nova Scotia adheres to the Athletics Canada Policy on Transgender and Gender Diversity Inclusion.

PLEASE NOTE:  Athletics NS Refund Policy

No refunds will be given once the registration deadline has passed, except with these exceptions:

    1.    Injury or illness – with valid doctor note – emailed to
    2.    Rescheduling of event due to weather delays no longer allows you to participate
    3.    If the entire event is cancelled by Athletics NS
    4.    Other extenuating circumstances, at the discretion of the Executive Director and Treasurer

Please direct your comments and questions to : Athletics Nova Scotia at (902) 425-5450 ext. 339 or Athletics Nova Scotia

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