Meet Organization

Meet Organization



  • Produce final start lists
  • Produce a final schedule of events
  • Collect fees

Automated Pre-registration

  • We would recommend having registration done through If you have access to a computer and someone very familiar with the program being used, a lot of this work can be automated. If you are using a pre-registration system you should have the following complete before setup for the meet begins at least one full day in advance (therefore, if your meet begins on Saturday, have the pre-registration closing date on Wednesday night):
    • Full Schedule of Events
    • Heat Sheets (to be posted)
    • Starting Lists (Marshalling Clerk) (Almost the same as heat sheets).

Getting Through The Races:


  • Ensure races progress quickly with minimal downtime
  • Ensure results get posted quickly and accurately.

The System Simplified

  • Announcer or Marshalling Clerk calls the athletes
  • Marshalling Clerk checks athletes in (on Starting List).
  • Marshalling Referee leads athletes to start-line (takes Starting List)
  • Athletes are lined-up when previous race ends. (as listed on Starting List)
  • Starter allow athletes to prepare
  • Gun is fired
  • Race finishes
  • Photo Finish timer collects results
  • One copy is posted.

Calling the Athletes to Marshalling Area

  • Call 20 minutes for track events
  • Call 40mins for Field Events
  • Athletes are told they should remain at the marshalling area until they are marshaled to event area.
  • Athletes who aren’t on the line when the gun goes off have missed their race.
  • Volunteers should know the meet will not wait one moment for athletes who are late.

Marshalling Referee

  • The Marshalling Referee takes the Starting List from the Marshalling Clerk and leads the athletes to the start line.
  • The athletes should be in the starting area BEFORE the previous race has finished. (This is a simple job but is the most important jobs in terms keeping the meet running quickly. Don’t combine your Marshalling Referee with any other position).
  • The Marshalling Referee delivers the Starting List to the Starter (or whoever will be assigning the athletes lanes on the start line).

Lining-up the athletes

  • Either your Starter or Marshalling Referee should line up the athletes once the previous race has finished.
  • For races starting with blocks ensure athletes have a fair and reasonable amount of time to set-up their blocks, however, do not hesitate to impose a reasonable time limit.

After the finish

  • Results are collected by the Photo Finish Judge and posted
  • Process is repeated

Keys to making it work

  • Have an Officials Meeting before the meet begins so everyone understands the process and the objective.
  • Empower the officials to solve any problems that are creating hold-ups in the meet.
  • Make sure everyone, but especially your key officials understand their responsibilities
  • Ensure Officials have the supplies they need – clip boards, pens, timers sheets, judging sheets, watches, etc..
  • Until you make it works at least two meets in a row, have someone whose only duty is to troubleshoot.



  • Ensure everything is set-up well before it is needed.
  • Ensure safe and legal competition


  • Comprehensive “To-Do” List
    • Don’t try to do setup tasks yourself
    • List all tasks need for each area
    • Assign times for when these need to be completed
    • Assign volunteers to each task.
    • Do the same for take-down tasks.


  • Set-up well in advance.
  • Will need:
    • Registration List
    • Bib numbers
    • Pens
    • Float
    • Table, Chairs
    • Info Meet Info, Schedule etc.
  • Volunteers: Registrar and an assistant (or two)

Electronic Timing Setup

PA System Setup


  • Setup (Time: 120 minutes)
  • Equip: proper equipment (Hurdles, blocks, steeples, lines Etc.)
  • Cones for curbing if no fixed curb
  • Flags
  • Starters Stand
  • Timer Stands
  • Clipboards with Start Sheets and Rain Covers


  • Setup (Time: 30 minutes)
  • Equip: proper implements, Circle and toe board, Hammer insert, Tape Measure, Crowd Barrier (to keep people from accidentally entering the sector).
  • Sector
  • Broom
  • Cones/Flags
  • Clipboards with Start Sheets and Rain Covers

Long Jump  and Triple Jump

  • Setup (Time: 30 minutes)
  • Equip: proper equipment: Shovels, rakes, broom
  • Measuring Tape
  • Water Sprayed Pit
  • Cones/Flags
  • Clipboards with Start Sheets and Rain Covers

High Jump

  • Setup (Time: 30 minutes)
    Equip: proper equipment: Secured High Jump Mat System
  • Measuring Tape (steel)
  • Cones/Flags
  • Clipboards with start Sheets and Rain Covers


Here are some of the volunteers you will need:

  • Meet Director (1)
  • Facility Coordinator (1)
  • Registrar (1)
    • Assistants (1 or 2)
  • Marshaling Referee
  • Marshaling Clerk
  • Starter (1)
  • Assistant Starter (1)
  • Umpires (4)
  • Finishline Judge (1)
    • Assistant Judges (2)
  • Photofinish (2)
    • Results Runner (1)
  • Backup Timers (8)
  • Head High Jump Official (1)
    • Assistants (1 or 2)
  • Head Throws Official (1)
    • Assistants (3)
  • Announcer (1)                      

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