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Volunteer Roles and Commitments

Role Description Time Commitment
Starter Acts as lead on the start of all races Duration of Meet 
Starter Assistant Assists head starter with starting duties Duration of Meet 
Marshalls Assist with athlete check-in and providing hip numbers. Works with start crew to ensure efficiency of races. Duration of Meet 
Umpire Ensures events are being ran according to the rules, (athletes stepping over lines, impeding others etc.) Duration of Meet 
Finish Line Judge Ensures finish area is in order, assists photo timer when necessary, keeps area moving. Duration of Meet 
Lap Counter Post the remaining number of laps in race, ringing bell on final lap During all races over 400m
Split Reader Reads times as athletes pass finish line for pacing purposes During all races over 400m
Photo Timing Operator Operates Finishlynx software, timing and evaluating all races Duration of Meet 
Meet Manager Operator Operates Meet Manager software. Inputs and prints results, makes nessacrry changes in heats/lanes. Duration of Meet 
Announcer Announces upcoming races, meet information, general announcements. Duration of Meet 
Set-up Helping with general setup of equipment such as tables/chairs, tents, high jump equipment, throws sectors and implements, jumps racks and shovels, moving hurdles, blocks etc. 2-3hours before start of meet
Teardown Helping with the removal of all supplies and equipment used - Tables/chairs, tents, hurdles, blocks, high jump equipment etc. 2-3hours after conclusion of meet
Hurdle and Block Assistant Assisting with the moving and raising/lowering of hurdles/steeplechase barriers and moving blocks off track During all hurdles/steeplechase races
Jumps Official Lead on the running of the jumps event. Responsible to ensure event is run according to rules and in an efficient manner Duration of Horizontal or Vertical jumps events
Jumps Assistant Assists jumps officials in the efficient running of the event, may include tasks such as shovelling/raking the pit, placing of the high jump bar, pulling measuring tape etc. Duration of Horizontal or Vertical jumps events
Throws Official Lead on the running of the throws event. Responsible to ensure event is run according to rules and in an efficient manner Duration of Throws events
Throws Assistant Assists throws officials in the efficient running of the event, may include tasks such as pulling measuring tape, retrieving implements, calling competitor names etc. Duration of Throws events
Official and Volunteer Services Ensures officials and volunteers are looked after during the meet, providing support where needed and brining food/water when needed Duration of Meet 
Registration Acts as the lead with athletes and teams registering on the day of competition. Collection of money in some cases and handling of bib numbers Duration of Meet 


Track and Field Officials Rules and Responsibilities 

Management Officials 


Competition Director 

The Competition Director shall plan the technical organisation of a competition in cooperation with the Technical Delegate(s), where applicable, ensure that this plan is accomplished and resolve any technical problems together with the Technical Delegate(s). He/she/she shall direct the interaction between the participants in the competition and, through the communication system, shall be in contact with all key officials.

Meet Director 

The Meeting Manager shall be responsible for the correct conduct of the Competition. He/she/she shall check that all officials have reported for duty, appoint substitutes when necessary and have authority to remove from duty any official who is not abiding by the Rules. In cooperation with the appointed Marshal, he/she/she shall arrange that only authorised persons are allowed in the centre of the arena.

Technical Director 

The Technical Manager shall be responsible for:

(a) ensuring that the track, runways, circles, arcs, sectors, landing areas for Field Events and all equipment and implements are in accordance with the Rules.

(b) the placement and removal of equipment and implements according to the technical organisational plan for the competition as approved by the Technical Delegates.

(c) ensuring the technical presentation of the competition areas is in accordance with such plan.

(d) checking and marking any personal implements permitted for the competition according to Rule 187.2.

(e) ensuring that he/she/she has received the necessary certification under Rule 135 before the competition

Competition Officials 


1) Call Room

2) Track

3) Field

4) Combined Events

Referees shall ensure that the Rules (and applicable Technical Regulations) are observed and shall decide upon any matters which arise during the competition (including in the Warm-up Area, Call Room and, after the competition, up to and including the Victory Ceremony) and for which provision has not been made in these Rules (or any applicable Technical Regulations).


Chief Judge 

The Chief Judge for Track Events and the Chief Judge for each Field Event shall co-ordinate the work of the judges in their respective events. When the relevant body has not already allocated the duties Of the Judges, they shall allocate the duties.

Track Judges 

The Judges, who must all operate from the same side of the track or course,shall decide the order in which the athletes have finished and, in any case where they cannot arrive at a decision, shall refer the Matter to the Referee, who shall decide.

Field Judges 

The Judges shall judge and record each trial and measure each valid trial of athletes in all Field Events. In the High Jump and Pole Vault, precise measurements should be made when the bar is raised, particularly if Records are being attempted. At least two Judges should keep a record of all trials, checking their recordings at the end of each round of trials. The appropriate Judge shall indicate the validity or non-validity of a trial by raising a white or red flag, as appropriate.


Umpires are assistants to the Referee without authority to make final decisions. The Umpires shall be placed by the Referee in such a position that they may observe the competition closely and, in the case of a failure or violation of the Rules (other than Rule 230.1) by an athlete or other person, make an immediate written report of the incident to the Referee. Any such breach of the Rules should be communicated to the relevant Referee by the raising of a yellow flag or any other reliable means approved by the Technical Delegate(s). A sufficient number of Umpires shall also be appointed to supervise the takeover zones in Relay Races.

Timekeepers and Photofinish Judges 

In the case of hand timing, a sufficient number of time keepers for the number of athletes entered shall be appointed. One of them shall be designated the Chief Timekeeper. He/she/she shall allocate duties to the Timekeepers. These Timekeepers shall act as back-up Timekeepers when Fully Automatic Photo Finish or Transponder Timing Systems are in use. Timekeepers, Photo Finish and Transponder Timing Judges shall act in accordance with Rule 165.When a Fully Automatic Photo Finish System is used, a Chief Photo Finish Judge and an adequate number of assistants shall be appointed.

Starts Team

Starts Coordinator

Allocate the duties of the start team judges. In the case of competitions under 1.1(a) and Area Championships and Games, the determination of which events will be assigned to the International Starters will be the responsibility of the Technical Delegates. Supervise the duties to be fulfilled by each member of the team. Inform the Starter, after receiving the relevant order from the Competition Director, that everything is in order to initiate the start procedure (e.g. that the Time keepers, the Judges and, when applicable, the Chief Photo Finish Judge and the Wind Gauge Operator are ready). Act as an interlocutor between the technical staff of the timing equipment company and the Judges. Keep all papers produced during the start procedure including all documents showing the reaction times and/or false start wave form images if available.


The Starter shall have entire control of the athletes on their marks. When a false start control apparatus is used, the Starter and/or an assigned Recaller shall wear head phones in order to hear clearly any acoustic signal emitted in the case of a false start.

Starters Assistant 

The Starter’s Assistants shall check that the athletes are competing in the correct heat or race and that their bibs are worn correctly. They must place each athlete in his correct lane or position, assembling the athletes approximately 3mbehind the startline (in the case of races started in echelon, similarly behind each start line). When this has been completed, they shall signal to the Starter that all is ready. When a new start is ordered, the Starter’s Assistants shall assemble the athletes again.


One or more Recallers shall be provided to assist the Starter. Each Recaller shall place himself so that he/she/she can see each athlete assigned to him.

Lap Scorers 

Lap Scorers shall keep a record of the laps completed by all athletes in races longer than 1500m. Specifically, for races of 5000m and longer, and for Race Walking events, a number of Lap Scorers under the direction of the Referee shall be appointed and provided with lap scoring cards on which they shall record the times over each lap (as given to them by an official Timekeeper) of the athletes for whom they are responsible. When such a system is used, no Lap Scorer should record more than four athletes (six for Race Walking events). Instead of manual lap scoring, a computerised system, which may involve a transponder carried or worn by each athlete, may be used. One Lap Scorer shall be responsible for maintaining, at the finish line, a display of the laps remaining. The display shall be changed each lap when the leader enters the finish straight.

Competition Secretary

The Competition Secretary shall collect the full results of each event, details of which shall be provided by the Referee, the Chief Timekeeper or Chief Photo Finish Judge and the Wind-Gauge Operator. He/she/she shall immediately relay these details to the Announcer, record the results and convey the result card to the Competition Director. Where a computerised results system is used the computer recorder at each Field Event site shall ensure that the full results of each event are entered into the computer system. The track results shall be input under the direction of the Chief Photo Finish Judge. The Announcer and the Competition Director shall have access to the results via a computer.


The Marshal shall have control of the arena and shall not allow any persons other than the officials and athletes assembled to compete or other authorised persons with valid accreditation to enter and remain therein.

Call Room Judge 

The call room chief judge shall supervise the transit between the warm up area and the competition area to ensure the athletes, after being checked in the call room be present and ready at the competition site before the scheduled start of their event. The call room judges shall ensure the athletes are wearing their nationally or club approved uniform, that bibs are worn correctly and match start lists, that shows, number and dimension of spikes, advertising on athletes clothing and bags comply with rules and regulations. The judges shall refer any unresolved issues the call room referee.


The Announcer shall inform the public of the names and numbers of the athletes taking part in each event, and all relevant information such as the composition of the heats, lanes or stations drawn, and intermediate times. The result (placings, times, heights, distances and points) of each event should be announced at the earliest possible moment after receipt of the information.

Wind Gauge Operator 

The Wind Gauge Operator shall ensure that the gauge is placed in accordance with Rule 163.10 (Track Events) and 184.11 (Field Events). He/she/she shall ascertain the velocity of the wind in the running direction in appropriate events and shall then record and sign the results obtained and communicate them to the Competition Secretary.

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