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Athletics Nova Scotia Sanction Kit - 2015

  1. A competition not conducted under the sanction or authority of Athletics Nova Scotia would not covered by the Athletics NS insurance policy.
  2. Organizers of all Athletics Nova Scotia sanctioned competitions and events automatically receive liability insurance.
  3. Athletics Nova Scotia meet sanctions are primarily intended for events organized for members of Athletics Nova Scotia or of other branches of AC or IAAF member countries. If meet organizers choose to make their events open to non-members they are required to pay an additional amount to cover insurance premiums.  It is recommended that non-ANS-registered entrants be charged a higher entry fee to help recoup the sanction/insurance fee.
  4. The granting of sanctions by Athletics Nova Scotia is subject to  the meet organizers agreeing to the “Conditions of Sanction” below.
  5. Events which are in scheduling conflict with Athletics Nova Scotia or other important competitions may be denied sanction for the date requested. Meet organizers whose competitions may conflict with other events on the schedule should apply early to allow Athletics Nova Scotia sufficient time to assess possible impacts and offer solutions satisfactory to all involved.
  6. All sanctioned events will be promoted through Athletics NS social media, website and membership newsletter.  A press release on the event will be sent to media in the host community. 



  1. Applications must be submitted so that they are received a minimum of 14 days prior to the date of the competition.
  2. competitions must be conducted on the date, time and at the place indicated on the sanction application form. A sanction is valid only for the date(s), time(s), and place(s) indicated. If an event is cancelled the Athletics Nova Scotia office must be notified.
  3. All events to be included in the meet must be listed on the application form. Changes to the list of events, including additions, must be communicated to Athletics Nova Scotia.
  4. The entry blank must contain a space for the entrant's current ANS/AC number.
  5. Sanction fee of $20 per competition is payable upon submission of application and must be received prior to the event becoming a sanctioned event and listed on the Athletics NS website Calendar of Events.
  6. The competition must be conducted in accordance with IAAF/AC/Athletics NS rules. Mixed field events and track events of 5000m and up are permitted but must be noted as such in the results.
  7. A schedule of events must be forwarded with application to the Athletics NS office. It will be posted on our website.
  8. Each meet director is responsible for registering the event on trackie.  Each meet director will need to create a user profile at:  This will provide the Meet Director with direct access to information and will allow to updateinformation as required.
  9. The published meet schedule may not be advanced unless the published meet information includes a disclaimer warning entrants of possible changes, including the amount of time by which an event start time may be advanced. The maximum recommended time an event may be advanced is 30 minutes.
  10. The Competition Director must have legal access to the facility for the competition (through ownership, lease, rental, etc.
  11. Only the first "run" of an event (track or field) that is repeated within a six-hour period on the same date shall be considered a legitimate competition. Qualifying rounds and timed sections in which the entrants compete only once are exceptions.
  12. A full results file must be forwarded to the Athletics Nova Scotia within 3 days of the completion of the competition but preferably within 24 hours. Ideally, result will be forwarded via Meet Manager when available.  Computer files of “photofinish” pictures, where fully automatic timing was in used.
  13. Athletics Nova Scotia must be recognized in all marketing and media communications and the Athletics Nova Scotia logo must be listed in such communications, not limited to posters, web site, tickets, event merchandise.


On behalf of the meet organizers I accept the conditions indicated above and understand that should there be a failure to meet any of the conditions performances from the competition may be voided and future applications for sanction may be denied.
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Application Form Sanction

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